Active Lock

Active Lock 3.0

"Active Lock" allows you to use any USB pen drive as a key to lock your PC

For years, I have been using file and folder guards and access control programs on my PC that use passwords or security questions to protect data from unauthorized access. But this program called “Active Lock” works in a different way. It allows you to use any USB pen drive as a key to lock your PC. As long as that particular USB pen drive is connected to your PC, your PC will be open to all. But when you remove the USB drive, the computer will be locked and will ask for the same USB drive to be connected.

The program is a gem for office use where other people can access your private data when you are away from your PC on the call of your boss. You do not need to enter any passwords or codes to lock your PC. Just take the USB key along with you.

I do not think that there could be a better and faster way to lock a PC. You no longer need to remember user passwords. But because there is no clue on the Internet about breaking the lock without the particular USB pen drive, you should carefully keep the USB drive if you want to unlock your PC later.

In short, the program is the best data protector I have ever tried. Just give it a try.

jasminder singh
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  • Easy to use
  • Works with any USB pen drive from any developer
  • Can use multiple USB drives to lock a single PC or a single USB to lock multiple PCs


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